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Rations Allocation Day - Saturday, July 25th, 1953

*pa system comes on and it's an unknown woman's voice that comes on this time*

Today is Saturday, July 25th, and it is Rationals Allocation Day. Please come to victory square during the appointed times to receive your weekly rations.


[[ Rations. If you are new and unaware of how this works, or in need of reference for exactly what the Rations Book contains, please refer to this section of the Guide for more details.

Rations will be done with Yukino today! Same rules still apply. First victim will be yoinked by Yukino to help. I will be gone for a work, so whoever tags her can continue on with rationing as usual and I'll return to pick up every other thread after work~ Please remember that you should be available for tagging for at least a week afterwards to finish up straggling threads in this post!

RATIONS AMOUNTS ARE at 3/4rds STRENGTH, so characters can be surprised at being allowed more food! 'Fresh foods' are in the market, but they're stingy, and canned fruits and vegetables are still available. Grains are somewhat available, but suuuuper pricey. Mystery meat is still around, so you can wonder just HOW many they harvested =D;.]]
Tags: miyazawa yukino, npc: official, official: weekly rationing
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