Leon D.S. Geeste (catboi_magey) wrote in dystopian_flux,
Leon D.S. Geeste

Book 31 - Backdated to Aug. 2nd, 1953

*Well, whether Don has realized this is potentially a bad idea or not by the time Sunday rolls around, Leon's not backing down from it. After making sure to wake the guy up early that morning, the little Felpool will be making his way to the temple*

Here goes nothing...

*Pulling his hood over his head to cover his ears, he falls into line after the group of worshipers that make their way inside. He's been brushing up on key Russian phrases for this, so he hopes his studies pay off*

((OOC: Open for if Don wants to be run into while he's been nominated for watch duty, or NPCs or whatever for Leon inside. 8D))
Tags: leon d. geeste
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