Graham Spector (mywrenchsaysyes) wrote in dystopian_flux,
Graham Spector

Spector 60

*Perhaps he was finally bailed out. Or perhaps the guards got sick of the incessant scratching against the walls of the cell, that being the result of one very bored mechanic who decided to relate in many, many great words of his adventures back home in Chicago and then to New York. He may have even gotten sidetracked with a sudden recount of his wonderful meeting with Ladd Russo. There's probably even a sketch or two of car parts. Scratched into the walls of the cell. That Allspark Shard is pretty sharp*

But alas, he was made to leave his masterpiece behind! At the very least, whatever poor soul gets locked away there will have plenty ta reflect on. Enlightenment! And oh the irony if such were true, born from a tale of utter darkness.

*He gives an exaggerated sigh, then stretches out his arms over his head, wrench grasped firmly in each gloved hand. Seems he's managed to persuade them to return that, too.*

Well now. I wonder what all I've missed. Somethin' and nothin' are both the same, rendering such a question pointless. And so I've been given freedom once again, but what's freedom when yer still surrounded by walls an' nowhere to go but-


*Aaand he turns on his heel to make a beeline for the junkyard*
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