df_official (df_official) wrote in dystopian_flux,

Zombie Invasion || Government Take Over

*Thanks to Trance's warning, everyone has long since assumed their positions; A few hours pass, and then the sound they've all been waiting for blares overhead along with the familiar message; warning klaxons almost drowning out a voice that starts off soft and then gets louder as if they leaned closer to the microphone--*

Warning to all Citizens! We have a wall breach! The wall has been breached! All military personnel to your stations! All off duty soldiers report to your commanding officers! Citizens stay in your homes and block all exits.

Again, I repeat, the wall has been breached! Military personnel report to your stations or your commanding officers! Citizens remain in your homes until the all clear as been given!

*--and abruptly the announcement is over and all that can be heard is the siren blaring overhead*

Alright, this is the first of the 4 posts! I wanted to get this up while I had the chance, and the others I will be getting to slowly over the week! The Basic game plan is here on the OOC comm since I didn't want to clog this post up at the bottom! Have fun!
Tags: official: announcement, official: emergency

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