df_official (df_official) wrote in dystopian_flux,

Clean Up || Gate Experimentation || Exploration

*the take-over has been successful, the Six have been defeated or captured, and the major players in the military have either been locked away or are now cooperating; rebuilding and repair work are now underway as usual after a zombie invasion, but now there's a key difference as some natives and Gatewalkers are hesitantly working side-by-side and the Gate is open for anyone to get close enough to see it--

--an aura of tension still looms over Veles, but it isn't the Gatewalkers who are nervous

[Mod Notes] Second post finally up. This one is going to be a lot of talk and scientificky stuff. Feel free to explore under the tunnels again without fear of being caught and get close to the wall for repairs and just generally anythig you'd like your character to do within reason. Threads are set up for the major things to get done, but if you have anything else, feel free to make your own threads!
Tags: mod post, official: announcement
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