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Spector 58 - What Goes Up Has Got to Fall

She's gone. But she can't be gone! Just how many times do you people think you can pull this kinda- *Whump, CRACK!- that's the sound of masonry crumbling under the direct impact of one heavy hunk of metal*

All quiet but not for long it's never for long because when you already got suspicions of the suspicious then there ain't room'ta be more so, only room to act! ...I see, I see- it's always that angle. Think it's the easy one but I'll show you where. You're. WRONG.

*It would be ill-advised to get in the mechanic's way. His path of intent becomes clear enough, and there's been no shortage of dents put in walls, obliterated crates and a soldier or two doubled over by one blunt object that now lie in his wake as he makes his final approach for the jailhouse. Mikaela had said she'd been taken in for "questioning" the last time, and if they've done it again, Graham Spector certainly isn't going to put up with it.

He ignores any warnings, and if any guards get too close, they'll find nothing held back with that wrench's swing*


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[Although Chev had promised that he'd work on his anger management issues and try not to beat people up quite so much, he's just discovered that Johanna is gone. And that calls for some serious freak outs.

So that's why you'll find him, in broad daylight, beating the ever loving crap out of a guard. He's currently sitting on top of him, punching him in the face over and over again, and the guard doesn't look to be putting up much of a fight. In fact, the guard may well be unconscious. Or dead.

It might be a good idea to avoid the rage. But if you happen to get close, you'll notice that although he doesn't seem to acknowledge it, tears are streaming down his face]
Rly young yo

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[Today, you can find Andrew in three different places:

1) In the brothel. Where else? However, he's apparently dancing--yes, as in the waltz, the foxtrot, the quickstep, you name it--with various girls. There's a cigarette dangling from his mouth as usual. And is that a slight smile on his face? Later, however, he leaves, and heads to...

2) A quick detour to the junkyard, where he picks up a particularly nice looking piece of scrap metal and slides it into his bag, checking something off a checklist in his little notebook. He then proceeds to...

3) Head up the Midgard steps and knock on the door of Apartment Four.]

Book 30

*The door to apartment 9 is open, and Leon can be found walking almost aimlessly around within. Nothing's changed in Alphonse's room or the other rooms and it's been too long...*

....I guess he's not coming back, is he...

July 17, 1953

*Laharl is walking back from Niflheim after pilfering some of the snack food there, contemplating as he munches. In spite of all his death threats, he's calmed down considerably. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all.*

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[Knock knock, here's Nikolai knocking on the door to Apartment Four. He's holding a bag, which he's going to be delivering to Blaine if Blaine's at home. If not, he's not going to leave it with anybody, which might give you some idea as to what's in it.]
You have no idea what I'm planning, being coy

July 12th

[Lily's taking some time behind the apartments getting back into an active life. After finding some pants to cut into shorts, and wearing one of the bodices, she's started stretching out. When reaching for the right foot, she hesitates when going over two healed over marks before following through with the action.]

I'd have to get back into it sometime, if the lessons are going to continue again... I'd never hear the end of it if I showed up looking like I gained weight.

[Stretching back, she continues until she's supporting herself with her arms as well, creating a bridge. Pushing off with her feet she follows through to wheeling herself onto her feet. Taking a couple of hops, she jumps from foot to foot before getting a jog around the apartments. Catching her later might show a bit more gymnastic display, but it's all warm ups for now!]